GROW is a agri-business and investment advisory programme that partners with businesses, investors, associations, and government agencies to accelerate inclusive economic returns within high growth industries in Liberia.

GROW's work is currently focused in Rubber, Cocoa, Ag-inputs, and Agro-processing industries.

Across all sectors, GROW works to improve the business management capacity of all partners, with the overall goal of strengthening Liberian markets. 

Our Approach

- We employ a systems lens to problem identification (known as market systems development).

- We collaborate with well-positioned partners who are motivated to grow.

- We offer advisory, networking, and risk capital to improve partner performance and reshape industry.

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✔  Industry expertise

✔  Strategic advisory

✔  Diagnostics and performance planning

✔  Market research

✔  Business case development

✔  Investment and trade networking

✔  Staffing and leadership advisory

✔  Product development and launch

✔  Policy engagement and advocacy