GROW focuses on building agro-processors business management capacity, customer engagement and sales to help partners find solutions to the problems that are affecting growth of the industry overall.


Bridging The Gaps

Agro-processing in Liberia has the potential to serve as a large buyer of domestically produced agricultural outputs and increase farmers income.

GROW is facilitating monthly networking, and collaboration events for agro-processors whilst providing guidance on industry-wide constraints and needs, and connecting key players in the industry.

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Agro-Processor incubator program

To quicken the pace of growth in the agro-processing sector, GROW has developed a business incubation program focusing on developing the capacities of small to midsize agro-processing business owners. The program will focus on sourcing, marketing, sales and other supply chain management activities.

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From Farm To Shelf, Reality Show

Highlighting Liberian agro-processing businesses and their products, the online reality show, From Farm to Shelf, follows business owners, as they climb through hurdles to make it to the top. If you are a small to middle sized agro-processing business owner still trying to figure out the business, who'd like to be featured on the show, we’d love to speak with you.

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