GROW is working to align investment incentives and to attract new suppliers and distributors to Liberia, leveraging and growing the network of agro-dealers and sales agents that now offer more localized sales and advisory services to farmers.


Market Information System

Liberia has the potential to supply the domestic market with fresh exotic vegetables (tomatoes, cabbages, lettuce, etc.), but significant constraints exist in use of market information at different levels in the value chain, creating a stumbling block to effective commercial relationships between traders and farmers in the vegetable sector.   

To mitigate this, GROW has partnered with the Liberia Vegetable Sellers Association (LVSA), Farmers Union Network (FUN), and Cookshop Food Services to support the development, testing, implementation and scale‐up of a Market Information System (MIS) that is relatively low‐tech, easy to maintain, and accessible to traders and farmers in the vegetable sector.

The MIS platform will provide essential market information, such as daily sale prices across various local markets, give farmers the power negotiate better prices at the trade level. Currently in the testing phase, the system is set to be launched late August – September, 2018.


Agro-Dealer Development Program

Designed to jumpstart the agro-input industry performance by professionalizing and strengthening agro-dealers, the Agro-Dealer Development Program program is designed to expand the quality and frequency of farmer customer engagement and sales.

The program employs performance-based incentives – provided by local business advisory firms, contingent on business performance and product knowledge improvements.


Distribution Networks

GROW is partnering with large-scale agro-input producers to launch and/or formalize upcountry distribution channels through local agro-dealers, in an effort to increase access to quality agro-inputs. 








Number of agro-dealers that went through the GROW Agro-Dealer Development Programme


Number of agro-dealers in Liberia



Number of vegetable traders that went through the GROW Trader Growth Programme


Transforming an agro-dealer’s offering from a single shelf to a suite of products and services


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