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Business Adviser


GROW is looking to engage dynamic individuals to work with businesses in our key sectors. These individuals will take a hands-on approach to intervention design, delivery, and management of innovative business solution. Successful candidates will seek ways to address costly, inefficient economic and business issues faced by private sectors companies in Liberia

Factory Adviser


GROW is collaborating with two partners in the Rubber sector to construct new RSS production facilities, with the aim of bringing the facilities online in the coming months. GROW is seeking an adviser to support both factories by guiding them through the process of finalizing construction and preparing for RSS production.

Business Development Associate - Cocoa Sector


In the Cocoa sector, GROW is working with partners to shift the industry towards higher yields and improved quality of cocoa production and a new norm of quality-conscious cocoa trading - benefiting Liberia’s 30,000 smallholder cocoa farmers. GROW is looking to recruit a Business Development Associate to drive successful partnerships, manage projects, undertake research, and help condense GROW’s sector experience into widely used best practices.

Communications and Events Intern - Cocoa and Rubber Sectors


GROW’s internships provide a unique insight into potential career paths within market systems development in the agricultural sector. These positions are designed so candidates can put theoretical knowledge into practice and gain crucial industry experience. GROW is currently seeking an intern to support several communications and events activities over a three-month period.