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MRM MAnager


GROW is looking to engage an MRM Manager to lead data and analytics, monitoring, and overall results measurement. The MRM Manager supports ongoing analysis, reflection, and design across the full portfolio. The Manager is also responsible for GROW measurement, including impact assessments, results aggregation, and overall view to systemic change.

Knowledge management & communications consultant


GROW is looking to engage a consultant to lead our knowledge management and communications efforts, ensuring that the program delivers strategic, quality, evidence-based outputs that meaningfully contribute to our change, impact, and influence objectives.

Cocoa Business Management Consultant


The Cocoa Business Management Consultant will be central to the execution of GROW interventions in the Cocoa Sector and will support partnerships to attain required impact targets. This will require collaboration across cocoa intervention teams in the development of the tools and templates that make up the supplier development programme. He/she will work directly with the Senior Management Team to qualify new leads and new opportunities.