Moving The Nation Towards Commercial Farming

GROW Liberia’s Team Leader YoQuai Lavala and Policy Analyst Darkina Cooper, held an engaging meeting on the future of Liberia’s agriculture industry and the commercialization of the sector keeping in mind the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning’s Deputy Minister for Economic Management Augustine Flomo and Assistant Minister for External Resource and Debt Management Archie Donmo.

GROW’s Team Leader, Mr. YoQuai Lavala, gave an overview of GROW’s intervention in the agriculture sector over the last 5 years – an array of programs and interventions done in the Rubber, Cocoa, Agro-Processing and Agro-Inputs sectors.

Hon. Augustus J. Flomo thanked the GROW Team and acknowledged the success and impact GROW’s interventions have had in these sectors. Hon. Augustus J. Flomo revealed that, the GoL has already began meeting with other partners in the agriculture sector and that; the GoL takes the sector very seriously, as it is optimum to Liberia’s economic recovery.

The GoL wants to move away from subsistence smallholder frameworks and towards a commercial farming framework that will yield massive production, massive processing, optimize Liberia’s export capacity, create massive job creation and income generation for farmers; with the added hope that partner approaches like GROW’s, will put Liberia on the path to revolutionize its agricultural sectors.

The deputy minister insisted that the framework should target passionate and innovative farmers in targeted sectors and with GROW’s marketing system approach, the country could move towards agriculture commercialization in the short or medium term. He said sector inventions should focus on mass production - and in that way, commercialization will compliment smallholders’ farmers livelihood.

Hon. Flomo assured GoL commitment to working with GROW and other development partners toward the sector’s commercialization and asked that GROW be a part of the interactions or planning processes leading to achieving this goal.    

GROW looks forward to helping build better businesses in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Liberia!

Aisha Dukule