GROW takes a systemic approach to increase the competitiveness of the Liberian rubber sector and improve outcomes for women and men working in the sector. 

GROW is working with rubber farms to establish a business and investment case for the production of Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), an alternative market channel for smallholder farmers.

GROW is also working to lower the cost of supporting and technical services including skilled workforce, viable growth capital, payment systems, and improved inputs, that underpin inclusive rubber industry growth broadly.


RSS rubber Processing

With many Liberian farms struggling to remain  profitable in the face of reduced margins, Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) is a processing option that  boosts farmers’ profit and creates market  opportunities for smaller, independent rubber processors. Consistently, over the last 5 years, RSS has proven to be a lucrative option in Liberia. 


good rubber farming practices

The Ministries of Education, Agriculture, Youth  & Sports have developed a natural rubber  production curriculum that is being being    adopted by vocational training institutes throughout the country.

Training courses are designed in line with the curriculum and cover the skills,  capacities, and systems needed for proper farm management in Liberia.

Rubber tapper training

GROW is initiating a tapper training program to train Liberian rubber tappers on best practices to extend tree-life.

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Share of rubber produced by smallholders and medium sized farms


Metric tons of rubber produced in Liberia in 2016


Number of non-concession rubber farms in Liberia